C o m p o n e n t s

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C o m p o n e n t s

O r g a n i c E x t r a V i r g i n O l i v e O i l ( C o l d E x t r a c t i o n )

The olive oil is extracted from the fleshy part of Koroneiki olives (also called “the queen of olives”). They are collected green and the extraction is completed the very same day. This is evidenced by indicators K232 and K268.

The vitamin E, which is contained, is 276mg / kg of olive oil, i.e. 4.14mg / 15ml (one tablespoon) which corresponds to 28% of the recommended daily dose.

The main quality indicator of the olive oil is the number of polyphenols it contains, that is the number of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives. Our olive oil contains the substances in a concentration >5mg/20g of olive oil, which constitutes a health claim according to EU regulation 432/2012.

Our olive oil has not only been certified organic but also tested to detect possible amounts of pesticides. The results proved that no such material was detected.

The analyses were carried out in an accredited laboratory specialized in olive oil and only when analyses are carried out by accredited laboratories are they considered valid.

O r g a n i c O r e g a n o E s s e n t i a l O i l ( S t e a m - D i s t i l l a t i o n )

Oregano essential oil is extracted from the species Origanum vulgare hirtum, also known as Greek oregano. This species was purposefully singled out as it has been proven by studies to contain the highest amount of carvacrol compared to all species of oregano worldwide. Carvacrol is a powerful antimicrobial substance with great many beneficial properties. There have been conducted over 200 studies which prove the above and part or all of these studies can be quoted to you upon request. 

The golden symbol on our bottle represents the chemical formula of carvacrol.

Therefore, organic flavored olive oil – oregano oil is a luxurious product both in form and content. Its use could strengthen both the immune and the circulatory system.